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blah blah blah... talk too much
I really do... take that as your warning.

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I'm moving my blog over to VOX. It's so much easier to post there than to hand code everything here. I don't know what I'll do with this site yet. :P

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Ugh, I just spent over $300 on yarn to make 2 sweaters. Yes, it would be cheaper to just buy the sweater. :P Hobbies are so darn expensive.

I need to take pictures of my recent creations. I'll try to upload photos tomorrow. I just finished a painting for our living room. No, I've never painted before. :P

I was all depressed and stressed about work, mainly about my AP Physics class and about getting my National Board Certification (NBC). My revelation today is that I'm just going to focus my energy on the one girl who has a chance of passing and not worry myself over the other kids who are either not working or just don't get it (NO one has ever passed the AP Physics exam at our school, so I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to pass the first student). Then I could be more relaxed to focus on getting my NBC.

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What a FABulous (and busy) weekend! I have not had time to just sit down to write. Saturday evening I got to hang out with a bunch of coool female bloggers (Peg, Vicky, Lei, Winnie, Linda, Sarah, Chris, Anita, and Jenny). Ladies, I just have to apologize first for having such an outdated site. I'm still handcoding this blog and so tired of archiving or updating my links. My winter project is to redo this blog, which includes updating my links!

I love how conversations just flowed so naturally all night. Everyone just clicked and it didn't even feel like I was meeting half of them for the first time. I can't wait to hang out again! Sorry, I only took 3 pictures, and haven't uploaded them yet. You can visit any of their sites for pics and more details though. :)

I didn't get home until 1:15am! I guess there was just too much to talk about. The worse part is when I got home, J tells me to get as much sleep as I can because we're going to go line up for Nintendo Wii. O_o

He wakes me up at 4 something AM and we went to freeze our asses off in front of circuit city. Everything was a blur. Nothing registered until 6am. But the good news is we DID end up with a Wii each! :) We were #14 and #15 out of 21. I would've been so bitter if we didn't get it.

Funny how some people just don't give up. Employees came out to say that there are only 21 systems several times but there were still 60 people in line. After they handed out the tickets, some did leave, but then more came and the line got even longer. Oh well, at least we got 2! :)

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It's one of those days where I just feel so defeated. Yesterday, I told 5th period that they will present at 12 noon. A student asked me, "That's a cool word. Did you just make it up?"

Me: "What word?"
Kid: "Noon. Did you make up that word?"
Me: "uh... no. you say noon when it's 12pm."
Kid: "Really? That's tight! I thought you made up that word. How'd you know to use it?"
Me: (in complete shock because I realized that he's serious) "um... Just like how 12am is midnight, 12pm is noon."
Kid: "How about evening? When's evening?"
Me: "That's later in the day, but before night."
Kid: "oh! like 5-7, right?"
Me: "Yes. But even if you're meeting up with your friends at 10pm, you can still stay 'Good Evening'"
Kid: " "Good Evening! I've heard people say that before!"
Me: "And if you're saying goodbye or about to go to bed, then you can say 'Good Night'"
Kid: "Oh yeah! Like when you're home and you're about to go to bed, you say 'Good Night' right?!"
Me: "yeaaah..."

I don't need to teach this boy Physics. He needs much more basic help.

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I finally sorted through over 1500 pictures and picked out 469. It took 3 weeks! Now for the album, I have to reduce it to 150. O_O There's actually 2 rolls of film that didn't get scanned yet, and one of them has my favorite ring shot plus pics of J getting ready. I'll add those up next week.

Our Wedding Highlights
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For the first time in my life, I have cable! Well, DirectTV, but same difference. Last night we were watching some show on regular TV when J said, "Wait a minute, we have cable! Why are we watching regular TV?"

So we start channel surfing, but we had no idea what shows are even on cable. We ended up landing on Masters of Horror. We celebrated our first show watched on cable. we're such dorks.

Then at 11:30, we couldn't sleep so we turned on the TV and RENT was on. "Cable is baaaad. We're never going to sleep," J said. We stayed up until 1am watching. hehe. Cable has been great so far! I know what I'll be doing on vacation. :D

I finally looked into the whole issue with UCLA getting hacked. Just in case any of you were students there, currently students, or staff, there's info here on UCLA's website. I went to experian and filed an Initial Security Alert.

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Months prior to the wedding, I was so good about not calling in sick because I knew that I needed to save my sick days for my wedding and honeymoon, where I took 7 days off. But after the wedding, I realized that I still had couple more sick days left, which I wanted to save more mental health days next semester, but it's been so difficult. These past couple weeks, I have been tempted to call in sick every other weekend.

I finally gave in to temptation and called in today. Jonathan was working from home today because he had to wait for the Direct TV guy (yay!), and so when he wasn't waking up this morning, I just wanted to sleep in with him too. Half asleep, I managed to dial the wrong number at 6:30am. oops, sorry dude who picked up.

I've been organizing our wedding photos for the past 2 weeks, so hopefully I'll have some to share soooon. And we picked up our wedding video yesterday! It was so nice to re-live that day all over again. :) He cried watching it, especially at the part where he cried while saying his vows. So sensitive of him. :D

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I like to make broccoli balance treats on his nose, but they're ususally little cookies the size of a dime. Winnie gave Broccoli this bone last week and he's been so attached to it. He spends his days hiding it and digging it back up again. I think I over did it though making him balance the bone on his nose. :P poor guy, it's a pretty heavy bone to balance on his nose.

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So when is it time to get a new car? I drive a 2000 beetle. It was my very first car. It was good until the warranty was up. Ever since, my airbag and check engine light won't turn off. The mechanic has tried to fix it several times, but it just comes right back on again. My car also burns like 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles.

This morning, my car wouldn't start. AAA comes and jumps it and I take it to the mechanic. Turns out it's just time to replace the battery. I'm tired of the problems, but on the other hand, my car is all paid for. I figure I could just run it until the wheels fall off instead of having to pay car payments.

I mentioned running my car til the wheels fall off to my mechanic but he says i'll end up paying more in maintnaince than getting a new car. Parts are more expensive for my car too compared to most japanese cars, so if I do get a new car, J wants me to get a Japanese car.

I like that my car is short though because parking is tough at school. hm... what to do? or what to buy?

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We were insane and went shopping at midnight. There were loooong lines to get into the store, and even longer lines to pay. It was insane, but fun. How often do you get to shop at midnight?! We came home at 3:30am with new Pyrex bakeware and mixing bowls and some random clothes. :) Maybe I can learn to bake with our new pyrex goodies.

We then went to costco the next morning and FINALLY got a new TV!!! No more watching TV in black and white with a green ring around. Everything we watched seriously looked like a flashback or dream sequence. We don't have a stand for it yet, so we're using a vintage coffee table that we got before we got our Noguchi table. I kinda like it with the vintage table. Goes with the rest of our furniture.

Then Winnie came over with Snowbie!!! I <3 snowbie!! She makes me want a another Maltese. It was so nice to see the 3 dogs co-exist. Interactions were limited to sniffing and few attempts to play, but no playing actually happened. Maybe next time. :)

Image from Winnie.

Thank you auntie winnie for the bone! But can you tell mommy to leave me alone now so I can contine to find a place to hide this bone. She keeps following me around with the camera!

I'm also learning to crochet! It's SO much faster than knitting! Knitting is softer, but crocheting is so much faster! I love immediate gratification!

Not finished yet, but this is my first crocheted scarf!

And this morning, we woke up and saw this:

Broccoli jumped in the laundry basket to sleep!

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There's nothing like having afternoon tea, spending time with blythe, knitting, and being around great girl friends. Linda, Winnie, Jenny and I hung out all day yesterday. It was so much fun!

We started with tea at the Hungtington Library.
Jenny taking a picture of herself at the tea house.

After tea, we walked around taking pictures.

Linda posing Noe for a picture.

Neglected Chrysanthemum gets to see daylight!



And then we went to starbucks to knit. This was the ONLY picture i got to take before the mean starbucks guy told us "No pictures".

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I finally popped in the CDs from my boudoir photoshoot only to realize that the digital images from 4 of the rolls were missing! I contacted my photographer and she said she'll get the rest to me with the wedding photos. But for now, here are some of the g-rated photos. The two CDs I did receive happened to be both from the B&W film, but I'll share some from the other rolls when I get the digital copies.







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Here's the complete Honeymoon flickr album.

These are some of the highlights:
honeymoon 079
Sunrise at Haleakala Crater in Maui.

Three Bears Waterfall on the Drive to Hana.




Chinese Museum

Night photography. 10 sec shutter speed!

Being stranded at the airport b/c of earthquake.

Stuck in Oahu during the blackout. (taken w/ 13 sec shutter speed)

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We attended an "80's Cartoon Character" halloween party this past Saturday, so J and I spent our Saturday afternoon making our costume. :) He put his costume together all by himself! :)

It felt so good to sew again! It's been so long.

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we're back from our honeymoon in maui. :( it was so nice there. i haven't uploaded the pics yet, but i'll share when i do.

we did get stranded and ended up having to take an extra day off work. we were supposed to fly out sunday morning and was actually on the way to the airport when the earthquake hit. we didn't feel it since we were driving. while driving, we noticed that all radio stations were down and no traffic lights worked. we got to the airport and realized about the earthquake and power outage.

luckily, maui got power back and we were able to fly in to oahu by 10:30 for our 12:40 flight back home. however, when we got to oahu, we realized that there was no power there. after waiting around for an hour in the airport that had become a refugee camp, we figured we wouldn't be flying out so we rescheduled our flight before too many other people did and quickly booked a hotel.

we took a cab to the Ala Moana hotel in honolulu only to find out that due to the power outage, they can't check anyone in. we look around the lobby and see that we had just left one refugee camp for another. hotel guests were all stranded in the lobby, hungry and thirsty.

we ended up taking a cab to waikiki. nothing was open except some small vendors and ABC stores. hotel resturants mostly were only serving hotel guest or were all booked. after walking around for couple hours, we found a hotel that was first come, first serve. we waited in line for about an hour. food was good, especially considering the circumstances.

when we were done eating, we stepped out and the streets were pitch black. we couldn't even tell which direction to walk. we ended up catching a cab back to the hotel and luckily was able to check in around 8:30pm. when we got to the room, there was no electricity. we sat in a dark hotel room and eventually fell asleep. we couldn't even shower b/c there was no hot water. we left the balcony door open b/c there was no AC. i was woken up around 9:30pm by cheers. electricity was restored in our hotel! oahu didn't fully get electricity back until 2am though.

we got to go shopping the next day before our flight back. :) so not even the earthquake was able to ruin our honeymoon. :D we finally got home at 11pm monday night.

it was a very good honeymoon. we joke that it was the best honeymoon we've ever had.

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Aloha from Wailea! It's BEAUTIFUL here!! We arrived Monday night and drove up to Haleakela Crater to see the sunrise Tuesday morning and from there made our journey to Hana and all the way around. Saw beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches, red sand beaches... it was paradise.

Yesterday we took it easy and snorkled by our hotel. Everything was great until a current swept me into these huge rocks and I got cut up from the coral. Other than being knocked around, it was cool seeing the sea urchins and crazy colored fishes. Then this morning we headed out to Molokini Crater for more snorkling. I don't know why, but schools of fish kept following me and freaked me out. Some large stoney fish was so attached to me that it rubbed up against my leg; felt like sand paper.

And the little fishys thought J's toes were food. haha. They chased his feet and kept nibbling at them. lol. Anyway, some of my friends shared some pics, so I thought I'd share the 2 most plentiful sets with you all here. I can't wait to see the pro pics and the video!! I'm SO glad we got a good videographer afterall because I couldn't see many of the things going on when I wasn't around.

From Annie's camera...

From Linda's camera...

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she's gone. after living 13 months and 11 days straight from hospital to hospital, she finally past on.

when i got home from the gym, i saw a missed call from my dad and a new voicemail. he called at 8:30. "Grandma passed away." it was 10:30 when i got the message. i called him back right away. he was at the hospital waiting for the funeral home to come pick her up. he said i could make it if i hurry.

we let the kids go potty and broccoli comes in constipated with doodoo stuck on his butt! so j had to wash him really quick. while j was washing, my dad calls and said the funeral home is there. "it's too late, don't bother to come."

i couldn't just sit there and let my last opportunity to see her natural slip away. j and i figured they probably need to fill out paperwork, so i called my dad and said we're coming anyway.

we got to her room and see a man and a bunch of nurses behind closed curtains doing stuff. we're too late. they already wrapped her. we stood at the door watching them move around a bit. eventually, we walk in to see if we could still catch a glimpse of her, but no luck. we walked out. i saw the nurse bring in the body bag and that voice inside me told me to go ask them to just let me see her because it's my last opportunity and i can't just stand there watching the opportunity slip away.

the funeral home guy interrupts my thoughts and asks if i would like to see her body one last time. yes! i walk in and watch him slowly peeling back the plastic cover. my eyes start to water as i anticipate what i will see and what i would say. he pulls the cover back and leaves.

she looks like a skeleton. her lips were sunked in her mouth. after i got over the inital shock, i walked up to her. i was heavily sobbing at this point. i just stood there stroking her hair. time stood still. and then my uncle interrupts telling me to go and that there's no point in seeing grandma anymore. he shuffles me out of the room. :( at the moment, i was just following orders, but now i regret not asking for a longer moment.

we followed the funeral home guy as he wheeled her out and loaded her into his van and watched him drive away.

my uncle saw her this afternoon and said she was completely alert. my dad got a call at 7:40 from the hospital while he was at dodger stadium. she passed away at 7:05. she was alone. i wonder if she knew it was coming. i wonder if she was scared. i wonder if it hurt. did her soul immediately leave her body? did she feel when i stroked her hair or was she watching it happen from above. i wonder where her soul is now. is it floating around, flying free, visiting all her children and grandchildren? i hope she's flying around because she's been bed ridden for over a year now.

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J bought a new camera and it arrived today! we've been using our G3 for over 3 years now and it's just bulky. so who's the first victim? Broccoli, of course!


and i finally took a pic of my engagement ring w/ my wedding band! we just purchased our bands 2 weeks ago in vegas. best sales associate ever! right when we got home from vegas, there was a blue envelope in our mailbox. It was a tiffany post card with a hand written thank you message from Jared. So if you happen to be at Tiffany in Bellagio, look for Jared! He's THE nicest sales guy we've had.

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i was bummed when my dress arrived last week because it ended up being a bit loose. I didn't trust myself to alter it because I didn't want to mess up the alencon lace. i settled on the idea that i will need to find a reasonably priced seamstress to alter it for me. when i went to bed last night, somehow it all became clear to me. i knew exactly how i needed to alter my dress.

this morning i went to check it out and i was correct. i could alter it after all. i called my mom to come over to see my dress. i told her that it was a bit large on the bust and that i wanted her to come over to see it before i attempt to alter it. she then goes off, "why didn't you just rent a dress. you wouldn't have this problem and could've saved a lot of money if you rented." and on she went. I snapped and told her that they don't rent nice dresses like this. She shut up and came over.

When she came over, I had already pinned the dress a size or 2 smaller. She helped me get into it. She didn't say much. She asked what type of material and I told her it was 100% silk. I told her how much I love the raw silk and asked her what she thought. she replied, "it's okay." so then she helped me with bustle ideas. I told her how excited I was about the covered buttons all the way down the train and asked what she thought. "It's okay," she replied. I asked her what she thought about the lace, and pointed out how it has no seams. again, she replied, "it's okay".

I'm just relieved that i will be able to alter it myself after all. i was so excited to see my dress FIT on me!

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yesterday was pretty calm. there were a gagillion lapd on campus and TONS of people in suits roaming all over. Funny seeing all the teachers trying to kiss up to those people in suits though. I had no idea who most of them were. I walked past our superintendent at one point and didn't even know. ha! but i did notice stupid SU kissing ass.

anyway, rumors were going around that it would go down again, but there were too many cops around. they brough metal detectors, but lots of kids ended up throwing their weapons into the bushes.

attendance was even lower today. couple of my kids said they are transfering. the saddest part today was at the end of 6 period, 6 cops bust into my room and search everyone. they ended up finding a 6" butterfly knife on Freddy. :( They handcuffed him and took him away. They left his ransacked backpack behind and his papers all over. I almost cried. I spent so much time w/ freddy taking him snowboarding and I feel like i'm finally making a break through with him.

Freddy going over his first box. He learned just by watching me!

He claims (and i totally believe him) that he found the knife by the boys restroom. Smart thing to do would've been to turn it in, but as a naive freshman, he picked it up and started to show it off. Someone snitched and that's why they came busting in to search everyone.

I spoke to the dean on his behalf and asked them to go easy on him. He's a good kid, but not the wisest, obviously. Unfortunately, he was already detained by school police (yes, we have a police station on campus). That's kinda beyond my control. I only have pull in the dean's office. I called him just now and he says that he is suspended for 5 days! And he has to go to court. I hope they just put him on probation and not send him to juvie (sp?).

He's really low level and I worry that he will be withdrawled when he returns b/c he'll be so far behind. I'm thinking of gathering his work and bringing it to his house. I also want to write a letter to the judge on his behalf and hopefully they'll go easy on him.

Rumor has it that shit is going to go down tomorrow. They're heightening security tomorrow, so we'll see. Many of you probably think that I'm crazy for teaching in such a dangerous place, but it's normally safe on campus. And teachers aren't the target, so that's why I'm not scared. Besides, I joke how I have bloods AND crips watching my back, although most of my kids are bloods.

I often forget how much shit happens in the neighborhood. We're located in "the zone"... the 10 mile radius with the highest unsolved homicide rate in the entire CA. But I really don't see any of that (but hear lots about it from the students). Some of them impress me so much how they can be so level headed with all that goes on. I just get frustrated because I want to better the school and bring equity for the kids, but i've come to realized that the system is just really screwed up. But i'm committing another 2 years there to see if me and my social justice posse can make a difference. I see a difference already with our immediate small learning community... including freddy. he really has been turning around this semester and i really want to help him step up. I just hope this whole thing doesn't make him regress. :\

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Picture isn't quite clear, but it looks like one of my students

Drama at work.

I didn't realize how scary it is to be right in the middle of it until yesterday. I thought it was over so I went into the quad to help scatter students and make them go to class. Instead, a fight breaks out right in front of me and students started to stampeed over to watch. I was fighting just to stay on my feet. At one point, a big guy was thrown right into me. I looked like a student yesterday too (beanie, jeans, and chucks). When I saw LAPD show up in full riot gear, I was so afraid of getting hit w/ rubber bullets or whatever they fire into the crowds.

Well, today is going okay so far. A lot more students than I had expected came today, which is good. LAPD is patrolling everywhere here, and the news van too. No helicopters like yesterday, at least. They can be so loud.

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Yes, I have commitment issues, but I made a commitment to one dress and JUST paid for it! :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

but i ordered it in "natural" instead of champange/mocha, so it'll look like this color:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I ended up going with "natural" instead of the mocha (even though i LOVE the 2 toned look) because the natural will go better w/ my burnt orange color scheme. Plus now in all natural, it will look similar to the $7000 dress i fell in love with, just w/ a raw silk skirt instead of all lace.

OT: Jonathan wants to ban me from snowboarding because I fell while skating across a box yesterday and did a face plant on the box. My goggles luckily took most of the impact, but my nose is bruised (which i swore it broke, but luckily didn't) and my face has cuts in the shape of my goggles! but luckiky, i didn't break my nose. J said that if i broke my nose, he wouldn't let me snowboard again! O_o

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So today, I went to another boutique to try on dresses. I fell in love with this dress...
Dress #1: I LOVE this dress, but it's $1500. At least it's not $7000 this time! ;) I love the lace, the color, and the raw silk skirt!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #2: So I had to find a cheaper alternative. I went to las tunas and tried on this dress, but it actually looks tacky in person and isn't too flattering. it's okay, but not stunning.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #3: I tried on this dress and it's very flattering. I like the softness of the lace and the draping of the skirt actually flows nicely. I want to immitate Dress #1 by removing the broach and tying a ribbon around w/ the broach for a more elegant look down the asile, and pin the skirt back up during the reception. But after inspecting it in person, the skirt is not just pinned up, it's actually sewn up. But I'm thinking about undoing some seams and turn it into a OOAK dress for myself. :D I can get this online for $600.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #4: Unfortunately, I did not get to try this dress on, so I don't know if I would like it more than dress #3 or not.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Difficult decision because I know dress #3 will fit nice, but dress #4 looks like it'll fit nice too. I can customize dress #3, which would make it more special. But I could rent dress #4 since it requires no changes, which would save money. But I could sell dress #3 when I'm done w/ it and it would end up being the same cost as renting it anyway... or maybe even less if I customize it nicely and sell it for a better price!

I'm just about to buy dress #3 but I'm not sure if dress #4 would look better. Dress #4 would be cleaner & safer, but dress #3 is more fun. hm... safe, or fun?

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Dorothy dragged me to a bridal show today. Although I was certain that it would be a waste of time, it ended up being very productive! I think we have chosen a photographer. Just have to book them now. There were 3 photographers that I really liked, but in the end, this particular company is the best bang for my buck. As I looked through their album, I noticed tommy lee in it! turns out it was one of his band member's wedding that this photographer shot. Another thing I can almost check off.

I met a dressmaker who gave me a rough estimate of $500 to make my dream dress, but I have to see how their quality will be. Other dress makers quoted me $2000 b/c I want chantilly lace. I'll give Las Tunas Blvd another visit tomorrow to see how much the dress makers there quote.

Dress #1: my dream dress that's $7000 too nice
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #2: What do you think, is this a close match to dress #1? I can get it discounted online for $1,200. It just doesn't have the alencon lace trim at the bottom.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #3: Yes, same dress from last vote. This dress is an even cheaper alternative, but I don't like the lace as much (it doesn't look like real lace to me but just lace sewn on organza). I could buy this online for $600 or rent for $350 from Las Tunas.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #4: I saw this dress this weekend and will go back tomorrow to try it on.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #5: oooh, i just found this one for $570!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #6: Or this for $500. it's a little too poofy, but maybe it'll be ok if i don't wear such a big petticoat? and i don't like that ribbon, so i'd remove it and replace it with a taupe satin ribbon.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dress #7: There's also this, but i don't know the cost. and again, i'd add a ribbon at the waist. looks so simple now, huh?
Image hosting by Photobucket

So which dress looks closest to dress #1? and which dress just looks the best?

Funny how I ended up keeping my "wedding notebook" here. I also found a place that will rent high end designer dresses from $300-$1000, but they don't carry edgardo bonilla. they do carry vera wang and amsale, amongst others. Worth a look.

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Today was a productive day. Dorothy & I went to Mon Amie to try on dresses today. My friend Janet told me to tell them that I had no budget so that they can show me all the dresses. The point of today was supposed to be for me to get an idea of what I like. Going in, I thought I would like Sheath, Lace dresses, like those from Monique Lhullier.

The consultant was suuuper nice. She asked if I had a budget and I replied, "No, not really." First dress I tried on was a Sheath, Lacey Monique Lhullier dress, which was my favorite dress going in. It fit okay. I tried on an Edgardo Bonilla dress next and really fell in love with it. I was so giddy wearing it that Dorothy and the consultant both agreed that it was THE one. The consultant then put a veil on me to complete the outfit and that's when it hit me, OMG, I'm gonna be a bride! BIZZARE! It was picture perfect, but the dress was $7800! She brought me a whole bunch of dresses and after trying on Bonilla's dress, none of the others even got a smile from me. After eliminating a whole bunch of dresses, I was down to 3 Bonilla dresses. All 3 were in the $7K range... way more than I had planned to pay. Sure, Janet's "no budget" idea got me in really nice dresses they wouldn't have shown me otherwise, but now I've fallen in love w/ a dress I shouldn't afford.

There were also minor changes I would've wanted to do to the dress (like changing the neckline and hem). He happened to have his trunk show this weekend so the consultant said I could come back tomorrow to meet him. He would sketch the dress that I want with the changes and autograph it, all for free! His dresses are made to order and made all by one person, all in the USA! I was such a sucker. The thought of having a dress made just for me made me feel so special! (yeah i know, I would be paying for it too, but special nonetheless.)

I made an appointment to come back on Sunday to meet him (and to buy me time to think this over). After detaching, I realized that I really do NOT need to spend the money. Especially since I went to my orthoclear consultation today and ended up going through with it. It's been a productive day! I put my $2000 deposit down and they took a bunch of xrays and imprints and I should be able to start the treatment next month! It'll take about 14 months for me, so it won't be done before the wedding. :\

But after dropping my $2000 deposit, I realized that I really need to find a more affordable dress. My friend sent me a link to a site that sells some designer dresses at a discount. After looking through it all night, I have reduced it to 3 dresses. The best part is that they are all at least 50% off retail price!

So help be decide between these 3 dresses! Note: I'm going to add a ribbon/sash around the waist to all 3 dresses.

Dress #1 (Maggie Sottero, $778):
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Pros: Includes the matching veil ($678 w/out veil). Cute bustle on train. I like the layers on the bottom.
Cons: Material doesn't look as nice as dress #2, but I don't know if it's just the lighting in the picture. I don't like the slight sweetheart neckline.

Dress #2 (Maggie Sottero, $1400):
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Pros: Simple, Clean lines, and elegant. Love the detailing of the lace at the edges. Looks just as classy as the Bonilla dress but for a lot less. I LOVE the lace on this dress and it would look so cute with a neutral tone ribbon around the waist. Nice square neckline. I like the way the lace/dress hangs.
Cons: Twice the cost of dress #1 & #3.

Dress #3 (Casablanca, $698):
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Pros: past season so there's an additional 10% off. great price for an almost perfect dress.
Cons: the dress looks stiff. i don't like sweetheart necklines.

So what do you think?

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this week w/ my kids went well. i can't believe 5 of the first time participants can do s-turns (carve) already! it's only their second day! One of my kids even followed me on a box!

Here's my first major accomplishment this season: IMG_0444

I wonder if mammoth will have any easy boxes for me to practice on this weekend. weee!
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